Passive wireless
switch system.

No wires.
No batteries.
No limits.

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The World’s First Wireless Kinetic Energy Switch.

The Quinetic range offers an inspired solution in smart home technology.

With a press of the Quinetic Wireless Switch, enough kinetic energy is generated to create and transmit a radio signal to the Quinetic Wireless Controller which in turn, will switch lamps or other loads on or off.

There is no longer the constraint of wiring location and no need to install back boxes or cut holes into walls. The Quinetic switch can be installed or placed to maximise convenience.

No battery, no wiring to switches and no limits.

How It Works

Collection of Micro‑Mechanical Energy.

Micro energy acquisition (MEA) module constantly generates energy, thus eliminating the need for a battery power supply.

  1. Pressing finger

    Press with a finger to produce kinetic energy.

  2. Cog

    Internal module collects Kinetic energy.

  3. Energy conversion

    Kinetic energy is converted into electricity.

  4. Communication module

    Communication module transmits signal.

  5. Glowing light bulb

    Receiver controls the light.

Limitless Applications

The Quinetic Wireless Switch can be installed or placed nearly anywhere. Glass, marble, ceramic tile and other smooth surfaced flat walls such as normal lime walls and painted walls. The possibilities are endless.

Place the switch where it is most convenient for you or use it as a hand-held switch. Control hard to reach sockets using the socket adaptor.

Ideal for:

  • Lighting solutions.
  • Bathrooms / beside bathtub.
  • Kitchen & cabinet lighting.
  • Workshops & sheds.
  • Conservatories.
  • Assisted living.
  • Bedside switch.
  • Listed buildings.
  • Lofts, extensions & conversions.
  • Garden & garage lighting.
  • Adding additional switching points.

One receiver can be controlled by up to 10 switches. One switch can control an unlimited number of receivers.


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