In-Line Receiver Switch


The Quinetic wireless switch with built in receiver is a direct replacement for the traditional wall switch in your home/building.

This new addition for the range combines the wireless receiver normally housed in the ceiling with the wall switch, thus facilitating additional wireless two way or more switches to the circuit.

Please note that the Quinetic In-Line Receiver Switch can not be paired with other Quinetic controlling receivers. It can be paired with a maximum of 5 extra wireless Quinetic switches for dual or multiple control function and fits into 25mm metal/plastic pattress.

  • DimensionsL86×W86×H41.6mm
  • Work TypePush Button
  • Power SourceSingle Live Line Power Supply
  • Rated Power600W LED /circuit 900W other loads*/circuit
  • Working Voltage220-240V/AC 50/60Hz
  • Operating frequency433MHz
  • Lamp Load Minimum Power5W
  • Control Distance25m (indoor) 80m (outdoor)
  • Control MethodPairing with Quinetic Wireless Controller
  • Warranty3 Year Warranty
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