RF Transmitter


The Quinetic RF Transmitter is a device that sends an RF signal and wirelessly operates (ON/OFF) any Quinetic receiver whenever voltage is applied to it.

It is extremely useful in situations where the target load is connected to a different circuit in a different part of the building/site.

The transmitter has two independent channels and works like a Quinetic switch, the difference between them being the capability of the transmitter to be triggered by external equipment rather than human manual operation.

After the RF transmitter is paired with the wireless receiver, it will send a wireless signal ON to the receiver when either of the S1/S2 live lines receives input signal. It will send an OFF signal to the wireless receiver when either of the S1/S2 input lines is disconnected.

Each RF transmitter can be paired with multiple wireless receivers. It can be mounted in the ceiling, wall, electrical socket box, behind an electrical switch (N required), etc.

Possible applications:

  • Relay contacts on intruder alarms or PLC systems like KNX to wirelessly turn ON lighting
  • Status contacts on ambient or surface thermostats to wirelessly operate heating pumps, 3-way valves, solenoid valves, immersion elements, boilers, etc
  • Status contacts on existing hardwired photocells or PIR sensors to wirelessly operate lighting or other electrical equipment like well pumps, gate locks, gate motors, etc
  • Status contacts on flow or pressure sensors to wirelessly operate shower pumps
  • Status contacts on water/fluid level sensors in storage tanks to wirelessly operate visual indicators and/or suction pumps
  • To convert any type of existing hardwired switches into Quinetic switches (very useful when switches from different makes, or with particular finishes, are in place)
  • Product CodeQURFT
  • Voltage RangeR 00-240V AC1 50/60Hz
  • Power SupplyNeutral & Live Line
  • Control Distance80 m outdoor, 30m indoor*
  • Communication Rate100Kbps
  • Communication WayRF 433MHz
  • CapacityCan be paired with an unlimited number of Quinetic receivers
  • Communication ChannelsDual Channel with LED Indicators (Red & Green)
  • Wiring MethodScrew Terminals
  • Signal Input2 Channels Live Line Input (AC100-240V)
  • Stand-by Power Consumption<1W
  • Control MethodThe RF Transmitter sends an RF signal and wirelessly operates (ON/OFF) any Quinetic receiver whenever voltage is applied to it
  • Working Environment Temperature0 5 -2 °C ~ +5 °C
  • Product SizeL44 x W44 x H22mm
  • Warranty3 Year Warranty
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