Dimmable Wireless Module Switch


The Quinetic Wireless Dimmer Module is a push type button switch (not rotary) with an interchangeable knob, compatible with most dimmers on the market, offering high installation flexibilty.

Designed to replace an existing dimmer module with a Quinetic Switch/Dimmer, whether it be on a standard white plate or a decorative finish. Simply remove the knob on the existing dimmer, unscrew the hex nut, replace the module with the QUDM, screw the nut back on and reattach the knob. The D-profile shaft is compatible with most dimmer knobs/plates currently on the market.

It can be used as a simple on/off switch when paired with a standard Quinetic receiver, or can be fully dimmable when paired with a dimming Quinetic receiver.

It has a built-in micro energy generator - when the switch is pressed the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy. This transmits a signal to the receiver to turn the lamp or other load on or off.

This solves the issue of having to install switch wiring, which has been a problem ever since the invention of the lamp.

  • Work TypePush Knob Button (not rotary)
  • Power SourceMicro Energy Acquisition and self-powered
  • Communication ModelFSK
  • Work Frequency433Hz
  • Number of Keys1 (1 gang)
  • Life Time100,000+ times on/off
  • Work Environment Temperature-20 C ~ 55 C
  • Control Distance25m (indoor), 80m (outdoor)
  • Product DimensionsL23 x W40 x H47mm
  • Control MethodPairing with Quinetic Wireless Controller
  • Warranty3 Year
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