Bell Push Button


Add up to ten door bell switches (QUBP) anywhere, be it your front door, back door or side door etc.

For use with Quinetic Plug-In door bell (QUDB).

There is no need for any wires or power to the bell pushes thus making this the simplest, easiest to install and most versatile of bells.

The QUDB plug-in door bell has a range of 38 pleasant ring tones and 4 different volume settings you can even assign a different ring tone to different bell pushes, thus allowing you to know which direction your visitor is approaching from.

With built in micro-energy acquisition module, the QUBP Quinetic Bell push button doesn't require any battery. With a built in micro-energy module, It converts mechanical energy pressed into electrical energy, activating the wireless signal transmission.

Communication mode is RF, thus no wires are required.

The doorbell has an in built memory function so will always memorize the last set music track and ring volume.

The bell push has 2 fixing options - with screws or with 3M tape.

  • Operating VoltageAC220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power SupplySelf-Powered
  • Communication WayRF 433MHz
  • ModulationFSK
  • Working Range80m (outdoor) / 30m (indoor)
  • Volume Level4 levels
  • Ringtones38 songs
  • Temperature RangePush button (-25°C~+55°C) Receiver (-10°C~ + 55°C)
  • QUDB Control methodpairing with QUBP Quinetic Bell Push Button and QUPIR Quinetic PIR
  • Storage CapacityThe Doorbell Receiver can be paired with up to 10 bell push buttons/QUPIRs. One Bell Push Button can be paired with an unlimited number of Doorbell Receivers
  • ColourWhite
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