Architrave Switch


The Quinetic wireless architrave switch is compatible with architrave flush and surface boxes.

It can be used with the standard or with the dimming Quinetic receiving controllers.

It has a built-in micro energy generator - when the switch is pressed the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy.

This transmits a signal to the receiver to turn the lamp or other load on or off.

This solves the issue of having to install switch wiring which has been a problem ever since the invention of the lamp.

A controller can be controlled by a maximum of 10 separate switches, a switch can pair an unlimited number of controllers.

Compatible with 1 Gang Architrave flush or surface boxes with 16mm minimum depth.

3 Year Warranty.

We at Quinetic have yet again found a practical solution to the old age problem of how to run switch cables through architraveing and other awkward installations.

Our latest design of Quinetic switches is based on a replacement for a standard architrave switch whereby no switch wires nor power is necessary.

Our latest QU ASW is compatible with standard flush or surface boxes and can be seamlessly paired with one of our Quinetic controllers be it a simple on-off or dimmable solution.

  • Work TypePush Button
  • Power SourceMicro Energy Acquisition and self-powered
  • Communication ModelFSK
  • Work Frequency433Hz
  • Number of Keys1 (1 gang)
  • Life Time200,000 times on/off
  • Work Environment Temperature-30°C ~ 55°C
  • Control Distance30m (indoor)
  • Control MethodPairing with Quinetic Wireless Controller
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